Petition to Save Link Climbing Wall in Swindon

The well used and popular Ridge Climbing Centre in Swindon is due to be closed this summer causing the local climbing community to start a petition to keep the wall open. First built in 1986, the wall has become a key feature in Wiltshire climbing circles.

The Ridge Climbing Wall, 168 kb
The Ridge Climbing Wall
© Ridge Climbing Wall

Local climber Rob Hague told UKC:

"The (partly) 30 year old Ridge Climbing Wall in Swindon - the only one around - is being closed down by the private company that took over Swindon's leisure facilities from the council in November. It is to be closed at the end of June after no consultation with staff or customers. The company (GLL/Better) are demolishing it and the neighbouring sports hall in favour of a trampoline park."

UKC user Janerr commented:

"This is a disaster for all climbers in this area - it's a great wall and has regularly changing routes and helpful, knowledgeable staff.  Wiltshire isn't known for it's hills and mountains, so this wall is very important to experienced and new climbers as it is the only indoor place in the area to climb - Reading & Bristol are quite a drive.  It has a thriving club for young climbers and holds many regular beginner courses for adults, so it's an important way to generate interest in climbing - it's how I got started."

If you can, join the growing number of protestors and put pressure on the management to change their minds. It is unbelievable that all over the country more climbing facilities are being created, yet Swindon is closing one."


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