7b Kalymnos Fall Results in Broken Ribs Video

In this short piece of video from Kieran Duncan, we see a climber fall from the popular 7b Omiros on Kalymnos.

Callum the climber (we wish him a speedy recovery) falls with the rope behind his leg and has a harsh belay. He whips in to the rock breaking his thumb and some ribs. Ouch.

Even steep sport climbing can be dangerous, and practising 'soft catches' as well as keeping your leg from behind the rope could keep you out of the hospital.

WARNING: This video contains a serious and damaging fall.

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16 Jun, 2015
Ouch! Lucky it was not his head!
16 Jun, 2015
Arghhhhhhh. So close to the jugs! ;)
16 Jun, 2015
Ouch indeed, it could have been much worse.
16 Jun, 2015
Can you imagine? Urgh.
16 Jun, 2015
Jeez. That was unpleasant to watch. Lucky sport climbing is safe though, and you don't need to wear a helmet.... The catch didn't look too bad. There was a fair bit of rope out and the belayer just locked off and held the fall, which would probably have been fine if the climber hadn't been coming down head first. A soft catch in that situation might really have dropped him on his head. Doesn't bear thinking about.
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