8B and 3x8A in a day at Silvretta by Jule Wurm

Jule Wurm bouldering at Silvretta, 145 kb
Jule Wurm bouldering at Silvretta
© Wurm coll.
Retired World, European and German champion (soon) Dr. Juliane Wurm has had a good day on altitude at Silvretta, Austria.

...had a great climbing day today! Ticked off everything we tried...

Jule did:

Charity bouldern, ~8B

X-Ray, ~8A

Krieger des Lichtes, ~8A

Zwiederwurzn, ~8A

Jule will definitely be missed on the World Cup circuit, but the good news is she will still be competing at this year's La Sportiva Legends Only in Stockholm 28 November.


Juliane Wurm is sponsored by: Mad Rock and Mammut

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