British Bouldering Championships 2015: Coxsey and Landman Win

The 2015 British Bouldering Championships took place at the annual Cliffhanger event in Millhouses Park, Sheffield at the weekend, attracting 71 entries in total. This year's new champions are Shauna Coxsey and Tyler Landman.

Dave Barrans competing in the Semi-Finals, 134 kb
Dave Barrans competing in the Semi-Finals
© Chris Prescott Adventure Photography

Shauna is back on form after a finger injury earlier this year and her win should come as no surprise follwing her recent Bronze medals in the IFSC Boulder World Cup series. However, French bouldering champion Fanny Gibert - currently on an internship in Sheffield - also entered, making for an exciting final.

Shauna Coxsey on the first semi-final problem, 76 kb
Shauna Coxsey on the first semi-final problem
© Chris Prescott Adventure Photography

Fanny was leading after the semi-finals, but Shauna flashed all four problems in the final to take the win ahead of Fanny and Leah Crane. After her absence last year due to a clash with a World Cup round, Shauna took the title from 2014 Champion Michaela Tracy.

Fanny Gibert leading the Semi-Final round
© Chris Prescott Adventure Photography

The men's event was hotly contested with three separate leaders across the three rounds. Nathan Phillips dominated the qualifying round, Dave Barrans was leading after the semi-finals and Tyler Landman topped all four final boulders to take the win overall, ahead of Dave Barrans and James Garden. 

Tyler Landman climbing in the Semi-Finals
© Chris Prescott Adventure Photography

The world-class routesetting team of Percy Bishton, Jamie Cassidy, Andy Long and Rob Napier certainly didn't disappoint, with problems of international competition quality being enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike.

Strong performances were given by younger climbers in both categories, with the top fifteen places being largely filled by GB Junior Bouldering Team members, showing great potential for the future of British competition bouldering.

Final Results


1. Tyler Landman

2. Dave Barrans

3. James Garden

4. Orrin Coley

5. Nathan Phillips

6. Billy Ridal


1. Shauna Coxsey

2. Fanny Gibert 

3. Leah Crane

4. Diane Merrick

5. Jennifer Wood

6. Molly Thompson-Smith

Click here for full results.



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