Hattori Hanzo, 8b+ multi-pitch by Kruder

© Kruder coll.

Jernej and Vezi  © Kruder coll.
Jernej and Vezi
© Kruder coll.
Jernej Kruder has repeated his hardest multi-pitch to date, Matthias Trottman's Hattori Hanzō, 8b+, on the north face of Titlis at Engelberg, Switzerland.

"Soop unexpected!!! Today I sent my hardest multi pitch route so far!

Came to Switzerland for a month and I did it on my second go. It's named Hattori Hanzo and graded 8b+. Vezi and I came under the route 3 days ago after very bad weather, so on our second day we could do the first try. We did first four pitches (5b, 6b, 7b, 6c) on our first go and than we tried next two pitches (8b+, 8a+) one try each.

Today I don't know what happened and I did the hardest pitch on my first go. I gave Vezi two tries. He came very close, but unfourtunately he couldn't send it. I was very comfortable for the next pitch, but I almost fell. Luckily I did it, but it wasn't over yet. There was still one pitch left. Very long and very fragile 7a. I was getting cramps right after few moves in the beginning and I thought I'm over. I really didn't want to try it again, so I spent every atom of my power so I could do it to the very top.

For the weekend I'm coming back with Vezi, so he can do it as well. Next stop is Arco and than Magic wood."

Jernej is best known as a very strong boulderer with victories in the Arco Rockmasters and Adidas Rockstars, and World championship silver medal, but evidently he knows a thing or two about route climbing as well.

Jernej Kruder is sponsored by: Boulderkeskus, Scarpa and adidas

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29 Aug, 2015
err good effort but what's with the hashtag333 and graduation photo?
29 Aug, 2015
The "ō" was supposed to be an "ō", but the editor didn't seem to like that. What's wrong with the photo? I think he looks great ;) //Björn
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