FRI NIGHT VID: Arcteryx Lakeland Revival

This week's Friday Night Video features our very own Advertising Manager Rob Greenwood getting more than a bit "damp" in the name of reviving a foliage-infested Lakeland trad route. Climbing, or perhaps more appropriately - swimming - up Sergeant's Crag Gully (Winter), Rob enjoys an organic experience on a climb which is "in best condition when wet..."

"Climbers should have a good, robust sense of humour and if that route doesn't bring out a pretty strong sense of humour towards what you're doing then I don't know what will really."

Dynoing for grassy ledges, squirming up slimy corners and doing a fair bit of gardening, Rob is correct in his statement that climbing a gully in such conditions is "not like any of the problems down the wall."

Read more about the Arc'teryx Lakeland Revival here.

With thanks to Arc'teryx

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