VIDEO: From a Broken Leg to 8a+: Lisa's Story

What do you do when you break your leg? Keep training and do all you can to get even stronger than before, if Lisa Alhadeff's inspirational story is anything to go by...

Lisa had a goal to climb Supercool 8a+ at Goredale Scar. Armed with a year-long training programme from Tom Randall, Lisa was set to work towards achieving it - until four days into training she broke both bones in her lower leg in a bouldering fall.

Refusing to let an injury get the better of her, Lisa adapted her training to her capabilities - top-roping with one leg and fingerboarding. The hard work eventually paid off two years later, as she recently ticked Supercool and achieved her goal, overcoming significant hurdles along the way. 

"It finally felt like all the pain and effort of the last two years no longer defined my climbing, as though achieving the goal I set before I broke my leg and overcoming the fear in order to do so had freed me of some of the mental hang-ups I had." - Taken from Lisa's blog.

Watch a video of Lisa's story and her ascent of Supercool below:

Read the backstory on Lisa's blog.

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