Jungle boogie, 9a+, by Sachi Amma

Sachi Amma on Jungle Boogie, 9a+. Céüse, France, 85 kb
Sachi Amma on Jungle Boogie, 9a+. Céüse, France
© Luca Fonda
Sachi Amma has repeated Adam Ondra's Jungle boogie, a pure power endurance 9a+ route just left of Biographie at Céüse, France. 

According to the man himself, it was nothing less than a miracle: 

Finally... I still can not believe it happened. It is raining heavily right now. Tomorrow I go to Germany. 
I got a last chance. It was a miracle!

Sachi is now one step closer to achieveing his ambitious goal of climbing ten 9a+'s or harder in 2015. Here's Adam making the first ascent in 2012.


Sachi Amma is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten and Petzl

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