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This week's Friday Night Video will please both climbers and mountain bikers. It's a quirky fusion of both activities which will make you want to grab your bike, head to the hills and scramble up a rockface before speeding down the valleys. The video features a combination of climbing and riding in Langdale, which involved heading up Middlefell Butress and riding down Stake pass.

Sam Flanagan of Trippin' films told UKC:

''What better way to spend your weekend than combining two of your favourite pastimes. Back in our English Indian summer Trippin's Joe Flanagan did just that. Kicking the day off with a solo climb of Middlefell Butress, quick bike build on the top of the Pike Of Stickle then straight into the flat out Stake Pass just in time for last orders!''


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27 Nov, 2015
Not bad, but a bit disappointing: I was expecting at least a section of slack lining followed by base jump with the bike.
27 Nov, 2015
Why does every shot in recent films have to be a panning / zooming shot? you don't get a chance to actually take in what's going on in the scene, and the close up slow motion stuff just disturbs the flow of the ride and suggests that the subject matter isn't actually that interesting so you need to do something flashy with the camera to disguise this.
27 Nov, 2015
not really climbing i was watching that hoping there would be some snip bits of climbing ....really scrambling awkwardly to the top then riding down again.......not my bag maaaaan!
27 Nov, 2015
Why would you want to scramble with a bike on your back and then get someone to film you? There's a public bridleway about a kilometre away btw
27 Nov, 2015
Ooh. Bit negative there some people. There has to be lots of panning shots to justify the money spent on the drone I guess. Yea, maybe going for a scramble with your bike might seem a bit pointless to some, but then all climbing is utterly pointless when you get right down to it, isn't it? That's part of it's appeal, surely? I thought it was a nice bit of fun myself and I quite like the slo-mo jumps n stuff, but then I'm old and easily amused.
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