Miza za šest, 8c+, by Janja Garnbret (16)

Janja Garnbret on Masaker, 8b, Kotecnik, Slovenia, 223 kb
Janja Garnbret on Masaker, 8b, Kotecnik, Slovenia
© Luka Fonda
Slovenian Janja Garnbret, 16, has repeated Miza za šest, 8c+, at Kotecnik, Slovenia. This was the 16 year old's first of the grade.

Janja has had a spectacular season, taking second spot in her first two World Cups, one of which was also the European Championships, as well as becoming the youth-A World Champion in both Bouldering and Lead. She also finished an impressive 3rd at the Adidas Rockstars invitational.

She hasn't, however, had time to climb as much on rock as she would have wished. Sure, she did Illusion, 8c, Adrenalin, 8b, and Masaker, 8b, during the Slovenian C-team's summer camp at Kotecnik, and yeah, she was the best female boulderer at Mello Blocco back in May, but other than that... not so much. 

So, last weekend she was again back at Kotecnik. Her goal was to climb Miza za šest, an 8c+ that combines Adrenalin, 8b, and Katakombe, 8b+, both of which she had done before, via a difficult transition between the two.

In total, she needed four tries, two during summer camp and two now.

28 November Janja competes in the La Sportiva Legends Only in Stockholm, against Anna Stöhr, Jule Wurm, Shauna Coxsey and Mélissa Le Nevé.

Photo: Luka Fonda


Janja Garnbret is sponsored by: Camp, CTeam, La Sportiva, Morpho holds and adidas

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