VIDEO: Chris Davies - Esoteric Black Forest Bouldering

Chris Davies has been in touch with a video of a very esoteric-looking bouldering venue - Calw - in the Schwarzwald in south-west Germany. Chris managed to repeat a problem called Zickenalarm, graded around 8A+/B and first climbed 4 years ago. The problem has until now remained unrepeated, despite high interest from strong local Germans.

Chris told UKC:

"I had a few goes at this last time I was over in the forest and unfortunately pulled a couple of crimps/a flake off during my attempts after getting really close."

Chris returned last week and on the first morning, with 2 degree conditions, got the send. Regarding the grade, he commented:

"I think it's around 8A+/8B as it is very much harder than other 8's in the areas around Calw. Whatever, it's an amazing line, in a beautifully remote area of the Black Forest."

Describing the off-the-beaten-track location, Chris wrote:

"It's totally unspoilt. If you go and climb here, just tread carefully; it's really special, unfamous, and unsaturated."

Chris is sponsored by: Boulder Denim, Evolv, Metolius, Monkey Fist and No Dogma

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