This week's Friday Night Video is Eden by Land and Sky Media, a film focussing on the Lakeland crag of Armathwaite in the Eden Valley. The area is steeped in history, featuring ancient poems, faces and graffiti carved into the cliffs and some very significant climbing heritage to boot.

Director Dom Bush described the film in this blog as follows:

"The film is set in a climbing spot beside a wandering river, esoteric in nature and shrouded in ancient woodland. The sandstone cliffs of Armathwaite are carved into incredible configurations by the River Eden and lie half hidden by Ash and Oak leaves. At first it seems there is little more than an hour or two of bouldering there, one or two good climbs perhaps, but if you take the time to learn about the nature of the architecture of the crag and how to explore it there are many gems to be found."

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