Plywood Masters 2015 - Report

Boulder UK in Blackburn was the first wall of its kind to host the legendary 'bouldering competitions' and The Plywood Masters has certainly been known as 'the one to do' for many competition climbers as well as those who just want to climb on some fantastic blocs. The 2015 event proved just that with the senior event and junior event being fully booked, welcoming climbers from across the North. 

Route setters Ian Vickers, Jamie Cassidy and Garry Cummings joined forces to set some classic problems sticking with the traditional Boulder UK style of pure pulling!! No gymnastics and volume wrestling at this comp...only the strongest can survive! This was demonstrated in a fantastic final where the finalist battled it out in a world cup style final, including the junior event which for the first time ever had a 3 problem final for the eldest 2 categories. 


Team Boulder UK held their own with a strong presence in both finals with Adam Jeeworth, Pete Wilkinson and Jordan Buys in the senior males and Naomi Buys in the senior females. Not to mention up and coming super stars Max Holme and Rebecca Stephens from Junior Team B:UK. 


The senior event tested the competitors with Dave Barrans and Nathan Phillips battling it out for first place as they were neck and neck all the way to the last problem, but it was Dave who took the title who made light work of the final problem.




In the female event, it was the last two problems that made the difference with plenty of tops on the first two blocs. It was new face Mel Jackson who was looking the strongest after being the only female to complete the hardest female bloc, but despite her efforts she was unable to make it to the top of the last problem and was nudged in to 3rd place by Naomi Buys  who topped out in 2 attempts but a flash from Tara Hayes allowed her to take the victory!  


Tara Hayes Plywood Masters Champion 2015

In the junior event,  only the top 3 competitors progressed to the final to battle their way to the top of the podium. For some, it was their first ever final but the enthusiastic crowd and supportive team of staff made it a relaxed but enjoyable experience. 


introducing the junior finalist


It was flashes all around for all the competitors on their first problem, but bloc 2 and 3 gave the crowd something to shout about but victory was given to the strongest and most experienced youths with Team Precision duo Kitty Morrison and Holly Toothill taking the girls title and Yorkshire boys Toby Chan and George Stables taking the win for the boys. 



All in all, the event proved a massive success and all the staff of Boulder UK would like to thank everyone who competed and a special thanks to all those who passed on their appreciation and positive feedback. A massive thankyou to all who competed.

The event wouldn’t be as successful without support from the companies who provided fantastic prizes for all the finalist. Thanks goes out to ABKEB8a AgencyHoldzScarpaCrusher HoldsDMMMoon and Lancashire Bouldering



Final Results: (Team BUK italics)


MEN                                               WOMEN                                            VETS (males only)

1st Dave Barrans                          1st Tara Hayes                               1st Caleb Ainsworth

2nd Nathan Phillips                      2nd Naomi Buys                            2nd Neil Herbert

3rd Connor Byrne                         3rd Mel Jackson                            3rd Simon Rackley

4th Pete Wilkinson                         4th Jen Wood                                 4th Christian Waller

5th Jordan Buys                             5th Ellie Howard 

6th Adam Jeewooth                      6th Abigail Morris 




10-11 Boys                                    10-11 Girls 

1st Dayan Akhtar                          1st Anya Forino 

2nd Joseph Xiberras                     2nd Lillie Townley 

3rd Douglas Spencer                     3rd Tilly Vasic 


12-13 Boys                                    12-13 Girls 

1st George Stables                       1st Holly Toothill 

2nd Adam Gornall                        2nd Rebecca Stephens 

3rd Harry Moss                             3rd Kirsten Pyper 


14-15 Boys                                    14-15 Girls 

1st Toby Chan                               1st Kitty Morrison 

2nd James Anforth                       2nd Charlotte Williams 

3rd Max Holme                              3rd Thea Cameron 

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