Terremer, ~8C, by Simon Parton

Simon Parton, 30 kb
Simon Parton
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Simon Parton has made the 5th ascent of Fred Nicole's Terremer, ~8C, at Hueco Tanks, Texas, making him the second Canadian, after Sean McColl, to climb this grade.

Terremer, is an extremely sharp and crimpy line which links Diaphanous sea, ~8A+ into Terre de Sienne, ~8B/+ (both Nicole's creations), was first climbed by Fred in 2005. It has since been repeated by Paul Robinson, Daniel Woods and Dan Beal.

Ashima Shiraishi worked it recently but didn't quite manage to seal the deal.

Parton's ascent came on his first day back in Hueco Tanks and with two weeks left, chances are there will be more news from him in the near future.

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