Misti, ~8C, by Kevin Lopata

Kevin Lopata, a Double bass player from Lille, has made the 5th ascent of Arnaud Ceintre's Misti, ~8C, at Rocher des Demoiselles in Fontainebleau.

The problem, which is somewhere between a "bloc" and a "traverse" was first climbed by Arnaud in 2009 and has seen repeats from Nalle Hukkataival, Jeremy Bonder and Ruben Diaz.

Some of you might have heard rumours of Kevin being very tall, 200cm (~6'7") or even taller, but that's not entirely true. He IS tall, but only 189cm (~6'2"), so nothing extreme. He has recently also repeated Mécanique élémentaire, a more powerful ~8B+.

Thanks Pierre Délas/Fanatic Climbing for the information!

Here is a video with Nalle Hukkataival making the 2nd ascent.

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