Alban Levier reopens Satan i helvete, ~8C

Alban Levier on Satan i helvete, ~8C, Fontainebleau, 139 kb
Alban Levier on Satan i helvete, ~8C, Fontainebleau
© Alban Levier (video still)
Alban Levier has made the first post break ascent of Dave Graham's Satan i helvete at Coquibus Longs Vaux, Fontainebleau. He suggests an upgrade from ~8B to ~8C.

This morning I achieve one of my biggest winter project. Satan I Helvete wasn't repeated since two years due to a breaking hold. This king line had to be ascent. Opened at V13, Today I think about a V15.

Needless to say, the sit version, Satan i helvete assis, which was ~8C with the hold that broke two tears ago, hasn't been repeated since the break either, so that's another next level possibilty alongside The Big Island assis-project. There is also the Satan i helvete depart bas version which, if I remember correctly is a bit less contrived than the assis.

Here is a video of Alban's ascent.

Alban Levier is sponsored by: Ocun, Rokodromo,  S'cape Font Shop and Vertical Art

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