VIDEO: The Big Island, ~8C, by Jonas Winter

German climber Jonas Winter has repeated Vincent Pochon's The Big Island, ~8C, at Coquibus Rumont, Fontainebleau.

It seems the friction has once again returned to Fontainebleau, where Jonas Winter has made a  very solid looking repeat of The Big Island, ~8C. As far as I know this was the first of the grade for him.

Whether any one, for example Jimmy Webb, manages to link the ~8B sit sequence into the ~8C start anytime soon still remains to be seen. Climbing T.B.I. when you're already pumped at the start can't be easy...

The Big Island 8c

The Big Island 8cperfectly situated on a hill with a nice few,smooth and organic shaped holds exactly where you need them and a line, as logical and aestheitc as it gets .... #liveclimbrepeat

Posted by Climb to Heaven on Wednesday, February 24, 2016


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