Ashima Shiraishi has repeated Horizon, Font 8C!

© Brett Lowell/Big Up Productions

Ashima Shiraishi, 15 in a couple of weeks, has become the first female and youngest ever to climb a Font 8C boulder by repeating Dai Koyamada's Horizon at Mt Hiei, Kyushu, Japan.

Ashima Shiraishi on Horizon, ~8C, Mount Hiei, Kyushu, Japan   © Brett Lowell/Big Up Productions
Ashima Shiraishi on Horizon, ~8C, Mount Hiei, Kyushu, Japan
© Brett Lowell/Big Up Productions

My dream came true!!!!!!! 😍 I just sent Horizon V15 in Hiei, Japan! I can't believe that I have become the 1st female to do a V15 and the youngest person ever!!!! Thank you for finding this gem @dai_koyamada and thanks to the climbing community here for the support.

Horizon is a 30 move roof climb which Dai climbed in the spring of 2015. About the grade he said:

No doubt the Super Project was the hardest problem I've ever done and that probably means it's a V16 [8C+]. However, I'm not quite sure because I don't have enough references to compare with. I would be able to fully understand what V15 is like exactly if I did more than fifty or so of them, but my accomplishments don't even come close to that.

So I can say for sure the grade of this problem is at least V15, but I'm not sure where it exactly fits within the range of V15. Is it in the upper 15 region or beyond 15 and in the realm of 16 – I can't tell.

Ashimas ascent was the first repeat, after comin agonizingly close a couple of months ago.

Photo by Brett Lowell from Big Up Productions who also caught the ascent on video.

Ashima Shiraishi is sponsored by: Clifbar, Evolv, Petzl and The North Face

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22 Mar, 2016
22 Mar, 2016
Jeez. Maybe we all ought to brush our hair more before attempts. Incredible - what's she going to do if she keeps going? jcm
22 Mar, 2016
22 Mar, 2016
What an incredible achievement. Amazing!
22 Mar, 2016
In reply to UKC News Damn so sick. Is there any video of the problem? (from Dai climbing it)
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