Ben Winston Prints for Sale: Supporting Lila

Nick Boden has sent us some information about a new initiative to raise funds in support of late adventure photographer Ben Winston's young daughter Lila, through the sale of his stunning photo prints. 

Ben Winston was a Sheffield-based photographer and writer, who had a unique talent for capturing the beauty of the outdoor world. From his much-loved images of the Peak District to the most remote mountains of Patagonia, Winston's photos introduced and inspired many into having adventures in a wilder world. He sadly died in 2015 leaving his partner, Emma, and their 3 year old daughter, Lila.

Ben Winston, 56 kb
Ben Winston
© Shane Ohly

We've started an initiative to make some of his best photographic work available. We created an open link to the prints -selected by his wife Emma - which anyone can access, whether they're on Facebook or not. The proceeds of any donations will go into a trust fund for his daughter Lila, but it's also nice if people simply like the photos and would like a copy for their wall - so with that in mind we are happy to do them at cost.

The Dolomites: Donations from £60-£70, 49 kb
The Dolomites: Donations from £60-£70
© Ben Winston

Via Ferrata: Donations from £60, 122 kb
Via Ferrata: Donations from £60
© Ben Winston

Norway: Donations from £45, 94 kb
Norway: Donations from £45
© Ben Winston

The Slate Quarries: Donations from £45, 132 kb
The Slate Quarries: Donations from £45
© Ben Winston

Follow the link below to see some of his most celebrated works and if you would like to order any of the prints and make a donation then please contact - including the picture number and size. We've put some suggested prices on there but any contributions above cost prices are very welcome. All monies raised will go into a fund for Lila.

Check out Ben's prints and suggested donations here.

The Peak: Donations from £45, 58 kb
The Peak: Donations from £45
© Ben Winston

Read a BMC article with some more words about Ben and some snippets of his work here.

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