Dani Arnold Repeats Anubis XII on Ben NevisNewsflash

© Christian Gisi

No major details as yet, but we've had word that Swiss climber Dani Arnold has repeated Dave MacLeod's desperate winter version of Anubis (XII) XII,12 on Ben Nevis.

There's info and photos to come, but for now all we know is that the route, which actually follows a summer E8 (also first climbed by Dave MacLeod) took visiting Arnold a few attempts.

We'll publish more info when we get it.

Dani Arnold  © Christian Gisi
Dani Arnold
© Christian Gisi


Mammut, one of Dani's sponsors have just released the video of him climbing Anubis. Check it out below.

Dani is sponsored by: Adidas Eyewear, Mammut and Petzl

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11 Mar, 2016
Excellent! I guess further repeats may confirm but MacLeod did give it XII.
11 Mar, 2016
You could be right - I went with XI,11 in the headline as that was what was in the UKC logbooks, but I added "(or maybe XII?)" in to the news item. Who knows? I guess Dave and Dani might have an idea... for the rest of us I suppose it is all guess work! Although if you're up for it Michael, I'll second you on it to double check! ;-) Jack ps well done Dani - pretty cool coming over to Scotland on a visit and doing this!
Brilliant to see these guys coming over and repeating routes like this! Nice one Dani!
11 Mar, 2016
We were watching him climb it whilst we were on Mega Route X. He climbed the route twice, but we didn't realise it was Anubis. Then we chatted to him whilst he was walking off. He's a really nice guy. Obviously got a quick photo with him as well.
11 Mar, 2016
Great to see it getting done. I'd always assumed Greg would have got there first, but Dani isn't a new comer to Scottish winter climbing having had regular trips over and previously repeated the Hurting. It'll be interesting to see how he thinks they compare to hard routes on the continent at the likes of the Breitwangfluh (spelling?) at Kandertseg, with existing M10-M12 trad protected routes.
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