First(?) female 8c onsight and 8c/+, by Kajsa Rosén

Kajsa Rosén trying to find a challenge at Oliana, 73 kb
Kajsa Rosén trying to find a challenge at Oliana
© Kajsa Rosén
Kajsa Rosén strikes again! After 8c 3rd go and 8b+ flash came Mind control, 8c/+, redpoint and T-1 Full equipe, 8c onsight, both at Oliana, Catalunya.

Kajsa says she is extremely surprised, and even shocked by her 8c onsight. She adds that it felt good. She is the first Swedish climber, male or female, to onsight this grade, and as far as I know, the first woman to onsight this route.

8c onsight has been claimed before by Charlotte Durif and Maja Vidmar, but these routes are all thought to be more like 8b+ now, so...this could in fact be the first female 8c onsight!

I for one is really looking forward to seeing the Swedish #1 on the World Cup circuit as well as in the Youth cups and Championships this year.

Kajsa Rosén is sponsored by: Black DiamondFive Ten, Klättercentret Stockholm and Moon

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