Grandi Gesti,9a, by Laura Rogora

Laura Rogora on Grandi Gesti, 9a, Sperlonga, Italy, 99 kb
Laura Rogora on Grandi Gesti, 9a, Sperlonga, Italy
© Rogora coll.
14 year old Laura Rogora has become the first Italian female to climb a 9a route by repeating Gianluca Deniele's Grandi Gesti at Grotta dell’Arenauta, Sperlonga, Italy.

Grandi Gesti is a combination of three older routes: Super Daytona, 8a+, Piccoli Gesti, 8b+, and Invidia, 8b.

Laura needed 20 attempts or so to succeed on this very steep route in the Grotta dell'arenauta near Sperlonga between Rome and Naples in Italy. This is also where she climbed her first 8c aged 13.

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