HardMoves, the largest climbing competition in the world

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Saturday 5 March it "geht's los" as the Germans say. The final of the largest climbing competition in the world. More than 7000 climbers from more than 60 walls in six countries participated in the qualification round - now it's time for the final.

26 climbing gyms qualified for the final in Wuppertal and their teams of ten now have a chance to reach the super final in the evening. In the final these 26 teams will be narrowed down to six.

In the Super final, the teams, now with six climbers in each, will be faced with six problems above water at the Wuppertaler Schwimmoper in front of 1600 spectators. The tickets sold out in a matter of minutes, so a public viewing in the nearby Wuppertaler Stadthalle which can accommodate a further 2300 people has been arranged.

So, who is going to win then?

As there are so many climbers in each team, it's very hard to guess. This year a few teams from outside of Germany have been invited. Two of these, The Arch Climbing Wall from London and Klättercentret from Stockholm were automatically qualified for the final. Klättercentret has quite an interesting team with, among others, Adam Ondra and Anthony Gullsten.

Other teams to watch out for should be Chimpanzodrome/Boulderplanet featuring Jan Hojer, Jule Wurm and Alex Wurm, of course the defending champions RockTown from Kaiserslautern and I'm sure a few more that I'm not aware of...

Here is the live stream, hosted by Liam Lonsdale.

The HardMoves Boulder league is sponsored by: Bergfreunde, Black Diamond and Five Ten

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3 Mar, 2016
That's because the competition is on Saturday night.
3 Mar, 2016
Ah, that'll explain the logos on the scary-looking section at the Munich wall I was at on Tuesday. I did actually manage to get up a couple of the problems, which were presumably the massively juggy warm-ups...
4 Mar, 2016
Anyone have an idea of what time the stream will be starting on Saturday? Please and thank you.
4 Mar, 2016
Hopefully a good comp though I have to say the idea of having the problems above water always seems rather pointless.
5 Mar, 2016
Sound is almost inaudible. Anyone else got good sound?
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