VIDEO: Jernej Kruder climbs Ninja skills, ~8B+

During a short trip to Ticino, Jernej Kruder managed to make a quick ascent of Nalle Hukkataival's Ninja skills, ~8B+, at Sobrio.

Nalle made the first ascent of this classic problem in December 2009 and since then it has seen repeats from Paul Robinson, Jimmy Webb, Niky Ceria, Baptiste Ometz, Giuliano Cameroni, Gabri Moroni, Jernej Kruder and...probably a few more.

If you want to try your own ninja skills, Sobrio is located high above the valley floor opposite Chironico.

Recently, Jernej also made a rare repeat of Za staro kolo in majhnega psa (For an old bike and a small dog), 8c+, at Misja Pec, which was put up by Tadaj Slabe in 1992.

For Jernej, the route was the harder of the two.

Jernej Kruder is sponsored by: adidas, Organic and Scarpa

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