Rab CWIF - Qualification Results and Live Streaming Info

CWIF 2016, 85 kb

There is no denying that the qualification round to the Rab CWIF was of an exceptionally high standard this year, not only in terms of the calibre of the climbers involved but also the fancy dress. One of the biggest shocks of the day was from Jan Hojer, who came remarkably close to not making it through to the semi-finals (despite being the favourite to win on the UKC Forums). Other than that, many of the usual suspects made it through in strong form and there is no doubt that tomorrows semi-finals are going to have to feature some hard problems to separate the field.

Listed below are the qualifiers as confirmed after Round 2, so unless there is a very strong - and stupidly dressed - dark horse in the more social 3rd Round then it's unlikely to change. 

CWIF Qualifications - Womens, 86 kb
CWIF Qualifications - Mens, 83 kb

The semi-finals will be live streaming on The Climbing Works website from 12:00pm onwards and the finals coverage beginning from 17:30. It would suffice to say that the organisers have gone above and beyond with this year's delivery, having their very own pundits and commentary box, featuring Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Liam Lonsdale, and Jim Connolly - between the three of them I suspect it'll be something a little different from what any other UK competition has had on offer before.

There'll also be a vast amount of live reporting via The Climbing Works Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed.


Rab CWIF 2016, 13 kb

The CWIF isis sponsored by: Berghaus, BleauStone, BMC, DMM, Lapis, Rab, Scarpa and, X-Cult, Axis and Blocz

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