Role Reversal - Tim & Emily HarringtonFri Night Vid

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This week's Friday Night Video provides an insight into the father-daughter relationship between Tim and Emily Harrington. One of the world's top all-round climbers, Emily Harrington, journeys to Chulilla, Spain with her Dad - both with sport projects of their own in mind to complete.

Their unique partnership sees a role reversal, as Emily experiences the emotional involvement in supporting Tim on his project - something which Tim has been doing for years for his daughter.

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18 Mar, 2016
Great little video.
18 Mar, 2016
Yup, awesome indeed...loved it!
19 Mar, 2016
Have I just watched a mobile phone advert, or was there something else I was missing?
19 Mar, 2016
Very sweet :)
21 Mar, 2016
Nice interaction between them. Also does he say he learned to'Skin Up'?
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