Papichulo, 9a+, by Said Belhaj

© Jesper Östlund/

Said Belhaj on Papichulo, 9a+, Oliana, Catalunya  ©  Jesper Östlund/
Said Belhaj on Papichulo, 9a+, Oliana, Catalunya
© Jesper Östlund/
Said Belhaj has repeated Chris Sharma's Paoichulo, 9a+, at Oliana, in Catalunya. This was the Swedish climbers hardest route to date and also the first 9a+ by a Swedish climber.

At 35, after having a been more or less professional climber for 20 years, Said Belhaj has showed he is still progressing by finally climbing his long standing project at Oliana: Chris Sharma's Papiculo, 9a+.

Chris made the first ascent back in 2008, so Papichulo was one of the first hard route at Oliana.

Said had been working the route on and off for years, but never really dedicated enough time on it as his constant urge to travel and climb onsight was always there. 

But after all these years of not being patient, not trying to be ”smart” I guess I learned someting. After trying the route for some 5-6 weeks in total over several years it felt great to finally clip the anchor. Maybe my approach to this (and other RP projects) route was the best way in the end. Only try when I feelt good and psyched, then leave when the feeling was gone.​

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Said Belhaj is sponsored by: C2 Vertical safety, La Sportiva and Petzl

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28 Apr, 2016
wow....that's dedication. i wasn't even aware he had climbed a 9a.
29 Apr, 2016
Funny misspells :) Papiculo is the best! the crux would be trying not to lose f..ocus, and it would have seen fewer repeats for sure!!
29 Apr, 2016
There's a really good enormocast interview with him from a few months ago. Very interesting guy.
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