Bouldering Now Banned at High Rocks

Beautiful day at High Rocks, 166 kb
Beautiful day at High Rocks
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The popular sandstone outcrop of  High Rocks is privately owned and climbing has been under a paid membership scheme for some time.

Top-roped climbing, soloing and bouldering has been previously allowed on the rocks (no leading), but now, according to the High Rocks website, bouldering and abseiling are no longer allowed:

"Please note that we do not allow Bouldering or Abseiling in the Rocks at any time."

The website has reported:

"Bouldering has always been an issue with the owner, due to some unfortunate incidents in the past with boulderers. For the vast majority of climbers, bouldering at High Rock is a fun and discreet activity which is easily relocated if wedding parties arrive. Many 'roped' climbers also use crash pads to protect the ground from any impacts and to help with getting onto the rock with clean feet. It is hoped that this ban will be reviewed in the near future. 

Discussions to help resolve this situation will undoubtedly take place and hopefully steer this situation into a more positive direction. Until that time, please respect the no bouldering rule and keep crash pads away from the rocks, to avoid any misunderstandings."


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