Robin Ud, 9b, first ascent by Adam Ondra

© Adam Ondra

Wine  © Adam Ondra
© Adam Ondra
Adam Ondra has made the first ascent of Robin Ud, 9b, and onsighted C'est la vie, 8c+, at Alternativna stena, Slovakia.

He needed a total of five days of work for the redpoint of this, his 15th 9b or harder and he has now onsighted more than 20 8c+'s and up.

From Adam's Instagram:

Sometimes it is good to be sure to drink the right wine!. Today, after the whole night travelling in the bus from Switzerland, I sent the project, naming it "Robin Ud" 9b. The day was still young and I onsighted the neighbouring "C'est la vie" 8c+. 2nd ascent after 15 years. Both routes are in Alternativna stena, Slovakia.

Congrats Adam! Seems like you are in top shape for sure! Are you feeling prepared for your attempt on Dawn wall?
Thanks! Not sure if 13m of roof climbing is good preparation for Dawn wall, but let's see. I have been doing a bit of offwidths too.

When do you leave for the US?
Leaving for US on Monday, but arriving to the Valley on Thursday.

And most importantly: How was the wine?
I did drink a bit of wine the night before, which was very good, but this one in particular was not opened yet ;)

Thanks Adam! Have a great time in the US!

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Entre-Prises, KIKU, Hudy Sports, La Sportiva,Montura andTendon

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15 Oct, 2016
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26 Oct, 2016
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