Adam Ondra Repeats The Dawn Wall

© Black Diamond

After having left all the difficult pitches of the Dawn wall behind, or rather below, him, the rest of the route was more or less a formality for Adam Ondra, but he still had to do it. And now he has!

Adam Ondra   © Pavel Blazek
Adam Ondra
© Pavel Blazek

Adam arrived in the valley 13 october and less than 7 weeks later he topped out on the hardest big wall climb in the world.

Chatting with him a couple of days ago, he said that he felt great and that standing on top would feel even greater. It's definitely a dream come true and at the same time a great relief to be able to complete the climb with the whole climbing world following his progress.

Let's not forget about Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson who had the vision, belief and drive to make the first ascent of this path of most resistance which many thought was impossible.

I can only agree with what Black Diamond posted on their Instagram:

Thank you for showing us what's possible once again. Through your hard work and determination, we've been able to witness another groundbreaking milestone in the world of climbing. We want to congratulate you for challenging yourself with climbing the world's hardest big-wall, roping up in the face of doubt and succeeding. And we want to thank you, of course, for providing not just us, but climbers worldwide with inspiration.⠀

What an autumn we have had:

- Burden of Dreams, the World's first ~9A, by Nalle Hukkataival

- Es Pontas, 9? DWS, first repeat by Jernej Kruder

- Dawn wall, 9a Big wall, first repeat by Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Entre-Prises, KIKU, Hudy Sports, La Sportiva, Montura and Tendon

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22 Nov, 2016
An astounding achievement
22 Nov, 2016
What's he done on grit? Masters edge onsight. Oh OK. That's not funny anymore. Yes it is. No it isn't. Now with the formalities out of the way, well done Adam!
22 Nov, 2016
Is "Adam Ondra has done Dawn wall" really the best headline UKC could come up with? Admittedly it's a nice change from clickbait garbage ("you'll never guess what happened next!") and the NY Times's weirdly negative "Adam Ondra Expected a Short, Hard Climb. Now He’ll Be Happy Just to Finish." from before he was done, but still - it seems a little underwhelming for one of the most significant (and internationally newsworthy) ascents in history. On a less pedantic note, what an incredible effort. As so many people have noted, Adam approached the whole thing with an unbelievable level of candour and humility, constantly crediting Tommy and Kevin's vision and apologising on the days when his climbing fell below his own, superhuman, standards: The fact that such traits were displayed by a man in the midst of such a magnificent athletic and mental achievement only makes him a more inspiring figure. I'm not sure how much credence there is to the notion that he was stepping entirely outside of his comfort zone, considering he's done (relatively) big walls before in Norway and his Czech sandstone background, but he's clearly adapted to a different climbing style, in terms of moving on thin, technical granite, unbelievably quickly. What's more, he was the first to take on the biggest, most obvious challenge in rock climbing, and to do so so publicly and openly, in the knowledge that his audacity would bring him international, non-climbing, news coverage, regardless of his success, speaks volumes, considering his relative lack of experience. The recurring theme in the social media posts from Adam and Pavel seems to have been a simple, unadulterated love of climbing - of being on the rock, pushing himself, with a friend. One gets the feeling, looking through the posts, that Adam was, first and foremost, climbing for himself, for his own enjoyment and edification, and that the fact that he was doing so as part of a staggeringly significant ascent of the most famous route on the most famous bit of rock in the world was secondary.
22 Nov, 2016
Are there any good articles you have seen which puts the significance of this climb into perspective ? especially compared with the original style of ascent. Genuinely interested, as hyperbole seems to surround any ascents Yosemite so its sometimes hard to know.
22 Nov, 2016
"Adam Ondra has Climbed The Dawn Wall" might have been better but at least we have been spared "Dawn Wall for Adam".
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