VIDEO: Alex Luger climbs The gift, 8c Multi pitch

In August 2015, Alex Luger realised his dream and made the first ascent of The Gift, on the Drusenfluh wall at Rätikon, Austria, and now there is a video.

With an 8c crux pitch, this seven pitch, 350m route is one of the most difficult at Rätikon, with only Beat Kammerlander's/Adam Ondra's WoGü having harder pitches.

Alex is something of an expert on vertical climbing on small holds and previously he has made the first ascent of Psychogramm, 8b+, and repeated Prinzip Hoffnung, 8b/+, on the Bürser Platte at Vorarlberg. Both are very bold trad climbs.


Alex Luger is sponsored by: adidas and DMM

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