Joe mama, 9a+, by Jakob Schubert

Jakob Schubert on Joe mama, 9a+, Oliana, 145 kb
Jakob Schubert on Joe mama, 9a+, Oliana
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Jakob Schubert has repeated Klemen Bečan's Joe Mama, 9a+, a resistance test piece at  Oliana in Catalunya, Spain.

This was the 3rd ascent of Joe Mama after Bečan and Chris Sharma. Jakob just arrived in Catalunya and couldn't have started his trip better:

Perfect start into the trip today at Oliana!! 🎉 After falling on the last move of 'Joe Mama' [9a+] on my last trip in November, I went up once to warm up today and send an hour later 🔝 so psyched!

I have been doing only bouldering and power training in december and was a little worried about my endurance but once again I saw how much such training even helps on 40 meter monsters.

This is the time of year when many of the World Cup climbers can take some time off from training and climb outside and Catalunya is one of the areas that tend to be quite busy, so stay tuned for more news.

Jakob Schubert is sponsored by: Gloryfy Unbreakable, La Sportiva and Mammut

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