Jour de chasse, ~8C, by Alban Levier

© Alban Levier coll.

Alban Levier has repeated Jan Hojer's Jour de Chasse, ~8C, at Recloses, Fontainebleau. This was the 8th ascent.

Although best known as a competition climber, Alban has previously repeated three and made the first ascent of one ~8C in Fontainebleau. 

Now he is off to compete in the French cup in Chamonix before heading to Bishop next week.

Alban Levier is sponsored by: Ocun

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10 Dec, 2016
Has anyone repeated it with Hojers crazy beta?
10 Dec, 2016
interesting that on a UK website that there has been no report of a recent British ascent of this problem prior to this guy's ascent
11 Dec, 2016
Is it this one? Amazing looking line I guess not it was in Feb 2015
11 Dec, 2016
+1. But then ukc news has never been very consistent in what is/isn't news Guy P - James Noble did it this autumn
12 Dec, 2016
Depends a lot on how much the individual wants to play the news game. I'm sure a detailed write up photos and video will make something more newsworthy than an ascent which is shared with a few mates.
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