2 x 8c by Katherina Choong

Katherine Choong on Fish eye, 8c, Oliana, Catalunya, Spain, 153 kb
Katherine Choong on Fish eye, 8c, Oliana, Catalunya, Spain
© Gabriel Rancourt
Katherine Choong has had a good time in Catalunya, Spain, where she has climbed two 8c's, Fish Eye and Mind Control.

First, on 13 january, I did Fisheye 8c in Oliana after 4 days of work, then Gorilas en la Niebla 8b+, on the 22 january Mind Control 8c or 8c+ (??) after 4 days of work and finally Mon Dieu 8a+ onsight...

Mind control was originally given 8c+ but is now considered closer to 8c.

Last year, she managed to repeat Southern smoke, 8c+, in Kentucky's Red River Gorge,

So, what's next for Katherine?

I travel until end of March between France and Spain for rock climbing. I don't really have a specific route in my mind for a project, I just want to enjoy climbing a lot of routes and if I see another beautiful hard line, why not try it :)

Then I come back in Switzerland for training and back to work (I finished university in january 2016 and started internship to become a lawyer). I will compete most of the world cup if I can.

How she is going to be able to combine 22h work days with training and competing on the World cup I don't know, but I wish her luck!

Katherine Choong is sponsored by: Mammut and Scarpa

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