3rd ascent of Horizon, ~8C, by Ichimiya Daisuke

 Ichimiya Daisuke on Horizon, ~8C, Mt Hiei, Japan, 104 kb
Ichimiya Daisuke on Horizon, ~8C, Mt Hiei, Japan
© Chikara Ishizuka
Ichimiya Daisuke has made the third ascent of Dai Koyamada's Horizon, ~8C, at Mount Hiei, Kyushu, Japan. It has previously been repeated by Ashima Shiraishi for the first female ascent of an ~8C boulder.

I asked Daisuke if he could tell me something about the route, and it turns out he worked it following the classic redpointing school book.

This problem is long roof like Horizon... When I saw first time,I thought that is very cool and want to climb!! Problem has 25moves and there is crux close of top.. So very pumpy and severe!! I tryed like last 7 moves→last 11 moves→last 16 moves and from the bottom.. I was so tired!! Maybe, I think that is V15[8C]..

This was Daisuke's third of the grade after Shanbara* at Toyota and Vanitas at Horai.

*Shanbara was originally given ~8C by Dai Koyamada, but he then changed his mind and suggested ~8B+.

Ichimiya Daisuke is sponsored by: C.A.M.P and Five Ten

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