Meadowlark Lemon stand, ~8B, by Anna Stöhr

Anna Stöhr on Meadowlark Lemon stand, ~8B, Red Rock, Nevada., 199 kb
Anna Stöhr on Meadowlark Lemon stand, ~8B, Red Rock, Nevada.
© Anna Stöhr collection
Anna Stöhr has repeated the stand up version of Paul Robinson's Meadowlark Lemon at Red Rock, Nevada. This version weighs in around ~8B. This was her 6th of the grade

superpsyched that i climbed this beautiful bloc, the stand start of meadowlark lemon, v13, today.
after falling off the slab yesterday, i pulled myself together and climbed to the top. interesting to experience what 'forced restdays' can do to one's motivation...

Meanwhile, Anna's boyfriend, Kilian Fischhuber managed to repeat the sit down version, ~8B+.

Anna Stöhr is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Mammut and Squadra holds

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