VIDEO - Forever: It ain't over til it's over

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This passionate group of four climbers has a collective age of over 300 years. Ranging from age 63 to 83, Blondie, Rudi, Horst and Herwig climbed together in the halcyon days of youth and remain friends and climbing partners today, spending time training together at the world-renowned bouldering gym, Café Kraft, in Nuremberg, Germany.

In this video, the four climbers share their love for climbing and their inspirational motivation to keep on doing it 'Forever.'


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3 Jan, 2017
Very cool indeed, hope that's me when the time comes. Not too long now!
3 Jan, 2017
It is a warming video and great to see the old guys still at it, but I think when I can't climb out doors I'll call it a day, Chris
3 Jan, 2017
Absolutely brilliant very inspiring Paul
3 Jan, 2017
they climb indoors to keep in shape. They still go outdoors.
3 Jan, 2017
Excellent video. Looks a great bouldering venue with beer! :0)
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