Ryuichi Murai repeats Epitaph, ~8C

Ryuichi Murai on Epitaph, ~8C, Horai, Japan, 164 kb
Ryuichi Murai on Epitaph, ~8C, Horai, Japan
© Murai coll.
Murai Ryuichi has made what I believe is the second ascent of Dai Koyamada's Epitaph, ~8C, at Horai in Japan.

Finally I could manage to do my longstanding project "Epitaph V15"!! I spent 8days to send it. At first I couldn't do at all. But I was highly motivated because the line was so beautiful. I was really happy, but I also wanted to face this beautiful line a little longer.

This was Ryuichi's 7th ~8C, all of which have been climbed within less than 18 months.

Epitaph is a rather short problem and has only eight moves or so. Dai made the first ascent in January 2009 and, at the time, said it was his most beautiful problem ever.

Ryuchi Murai is sponsored by: Five Ten and Friction Labs

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