New Base Line, ~8B+, and Steppenwolf, ~8B, by Anna Stoehr

© Alfons Dornauer

Anna Stöhr on New base line, ~8B+, Magic wood, Switzerland  © Alfons Dornauer
Anna Stöhr on New base line, ~8B+, Magic wood, Switzerland
© Alfons Dornauer
Just one week before the 2017 World Cup premiere at Meiringen, Anna Stöhr gave herself the best possible confident boost by repeating New Base Line (f8B+), ~8B+, and Steppenwolf (f8B), ~8B, on the same day at Magic wood, Switzerland.

sometimes you can surprise yourself.... today i climbed 'steppenwolf' 8b and 'new base line' 8b+... after checking out the moves for the first time on saturday i did both problems today.

For Anna, this was the first ever ~8B+ and her 7th ~8B.

With 22 World cup victories and double World and European Championship Golds, she is the most successful feamle competition climber ever. Last season she didn't take any victories though, so with her hometown Innsbruck hosting the World Championships in 2018, let's hope Anne is on her way back to the top.

Anna Stöhr is sponsored by: La Sportiva and Mammut

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3 Apr, 2017
Is Anna back on the full world cup circuit again this year then? And are all Swiss boulder grades from now on to be published with an ironic "approximately"?
3 Apr, 2017
I was wondering that too - a lot of "~" signs which imply the grade isn't set. Which for "New Base Line" it most definitely is?
3 Apr, 2017
We've been using the "~"-sign for years. This is to indicate the grade is a span rather than a dot on the grading scale and does not in any way imply the grade is not set.
3 Apr, 2017
Eh? Seriously? You think you need to tell people that not all 8B's are exactly the same difficulty? I'd have thought anyone interested in reading about the latest wad send would have picked up how grades work by now.
3 Apr, 2017
+1 This just seems pointless and distracting to me. Everybody with any interest at all in this stuff already knows that (a) the easiest 8B+ is 0.999 grades easier than the hardest 8B+ (b) the easiest 8B+ is more likely to be in Switzerland than in, say, Font or Northumberland :-) But seriously – it’s widely known that Switzerland had a reputation in the past for boulder grade inflation, and in that context the use of “approximately” makes it look like you’re casting doubt in Anna’s achievement. Which I’m sure you did not intend.
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