Eye of Odin, 8c+, by Paige Claassen

Paige de Kock on Eye of Odin, 8c+, Flatanger, Norway, 87 kb
Paige de Kock on Eye of Odin, 8c+, Flatanger, Norway
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Paige Claassen has repeated fellow American Ethan Pringle's Eye of Odin, 8c+, in the Hanshelleren cave, Flatanger, Norway. This was the first female ascent.

Paige wrote on Instagram:

A check off the life list. Eye of Odin(5.14c/8c+) was the main reason I wanted to spend September in Flatanger. It felt just as hard as every other burn, but after getting through the wetter than normal traverse section, I tried extra hard through the eye crux and then didn't punt at the top. Amped!

Sometimes all you have to do is simply try extra hard.

Paige also has an important message to the global climbing community:

Now I can move on to my secondary project of trash cleanup around the crag - the global climbing community should be embarrassed by all the trash that is tucked beneath that talus field. We're all to blame, as it's easy to accidentally leave things behind, but c'mon folks. We can definitely do a better job to keep our crags trash free!

Paige Claassen is sponsored by: C.A.M.P, La Sportiva and Maxim ropes

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