British Lead & Speed Climbing Championships and Paraclimbing Cup

Last weekend the 2017 British Lead and Speed Climbing Championships took place at Awesome Walls Sheffield alongside a round of the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup. Teenagers Hannah Slaney and Will Bosi were new senior lead champions for 2017, and Jara Spate (SUI) and Will Bosi were crowned senior speed champions. Team GB members Matthew Phillips, Hannah Baldwin, Anita Aggarwal, Mike Cleverdon, Joanne Waterton and John Churcher achieved podium places in the international IFSC Paraclimbing Cup.

Hannah Slaney appeared on fine form following her 7th place at the IFSC Lead World Cup in Edinburgh last month, and smoothly topped out her final route ahead of visiting climber Jara Spate of Switzerland and Rhoslyn Frugtniet of Bristol, who made a surprise return to the competition circuit. Commenting on her win, Hannah told UKC: 'It was a close and exciting competition, so I'm really happy to take away 1st place! Definitely had to fight the pump to reach the top. Overall an awesome weekend with well set routes.' Reigning champion Molly Thompson-Smith was absent from the event as she participated in the IFSC World Cup in Wujiang, China, where she finished 5th.

In the hotly contested men's event, Edinburgh climber Will Bosi regained his 2014 title from Jim Pope, who has won the event for the last two years. Will told UKC: 'I'm really psyched to have taken my second British lead title by topping the final route! It's always a close competition, especially with Jim, which is cool!' Competition veteran Dave Barrans finished in 3rd ahead of Billy Ridal.

Full BLCC results for junior and senior categories can be found here.

In the speed event, Jara Spate pipped Jen Wood to first place and Hannah Slaney was on the podium once again in 3rd place. Will Bosi narrowly beat Orrin Coley to the British Champion title and Billy Ridal finished 3rd.

Full BSCC results can be found here.

48 paraclimbers across nine different categories from 15 countries also descended on Sheffield for the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup. Once again the GB Paraclimbing team were on fine form following some impressive results earlier in the season and achieved six podium places. Hannah Baldwin and Matthew Phillips won their categories in front of a home crowd.

GB Paraclimbing Team Results

Hannah Baldwin - RP2 - 1st
Anita Aggarwal - RP2 - 2nd
Matthew Phillips - AU2 - 1st
Joanna Newton - AL2 - 2nd
Michael Clevedon - RP3 - 2nd
John Churcher - B2 - 3rd
Isabella Walsh - RP2 - 4th
John Senior - AL2 - 6th
Keith Lynch - AL2 - 7th

Full Paraclimbing Cup results here.

British Lead Climbing Championships Podiums

Junior categories

Female A

1. Kitty Morrison 2. Isabelle Adams 3. Gywneth Uttley

Male A

1. Kieran Forrest 2. Max Milne 3. Sammy Oakes

Female B

1. Emily Phillips 2. Airlie Borlase 3. Marijke Booth

Male B

1. Finley Wood 2. Hamish McArthur 3. Daniel Smith

Female C

1. Louise Flockhart 2. Mathilda Collins 3. Hannah Kerr

Male C

1. Toby Roberts 2. Joseph Xibberas 3. Jack MacDougall

Senior categories

Female Senior

1. Hannah Slaney 2. Jara Spate 3. Rhoslyn Frugtniet

Male Senior

1. William Bosi 2. Jim Pope 3. Dave Barrans

Female Veteran

1. Joanna Goorney 2. Karin Bradbury 3. Vicky Askew

Male Veteran

1. Nigel Leeming 2. Chris Forrest 3. Simon Tiley

British Speed Climbing Championships Podiums

Female Junior

1. Emily Phillips 2. Pippa Watkin 3. Emma Davidson

Junior Male

1. Joe Czubkowski 2. Max Milne 3. Matthew Fall

Female Senior

1. Jara Spate 2. Jen Wood 3. Hannah Slaney

Male Senior

1. William Bosi 2. Orrin Coley 3. Billy Ridal

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