VIDEO: El indomable, ~8C+, by Alberto Rocasolano

Alberto "Beto" Rocasolano has made the first ascent of what's probably his hardest problem to date and suggests 8C+ for El indomable at Tamajón north of Madrid.

Beto has suggested ~8C+ once before, for La teoría del todo at Albarracín. This was repeated by Rubén Díaz Torres, who said he [didn't] know what an 8C+ is and that's why I think it's a solid 8C.

Beto has also repeated Nacho Sanchez' Crisis, ~8C/+ and a further four ~8C, as well as having made the first ascents of four more ~8C's of his own. He should know what he is talking about.

Alberto Rocasolano is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Mushroom pads, Sputnik Climbing and adidas

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