Pembroke Access Information 2018

The MoD have released dates for Range West Access briefings for 2018, as well as no firing dates due to MoD operations.

Range West, 242 kb
Range West
© Mark Davis, Aug 2011

Firstly, briefing dates for Range West (access for climbing, surfing and fishing) next year will be:

22/2/18 18:00

30/3/18 10:00 (Good Friday)

26/4/18 18:00

28/4/18 10:00

24/5/18 18:00 (Whitsun B/H)

26/5/18 10:00

Each briefing is at Castlemartin Camp (Merrion). Please report to the guardroom by the gate (look for the two tanks) at least 15 minutes before the briefing is due to start.

The No Firing periods will be as follows:

Christmas 16/12/17 – 2/1/18

Easter 24/3/18 – 8/4/18

Summer 4/8/18 – 2/9/18

During these periods there will be weekday and weekend access to the whole of Range East and Range West (for climbers who have attended a briefing).

Climbers going into Range West in the next few weeks may come across some debris from recent French Military training exercises - this includes some highly dangerous smoke rounds and High Explosive shells. Please do not get too close to these, but do report them to the guard room having marked the site with sticks/stones if possible.

Example of French ordnance which may be present at Range West., 207 kb
Example of French ordnance which may be present at Range West.
© Steve Sheehan
105mm High Explosive shell, 214 kb
105mm High Explosive shell
© Steve Sheehan

Finally, there are a number of seal pups on beaches at present and climbers are asked to keep at least 100m away from these so that mothers are able to get in to feed the pups. This affects Flimston Bay, the west side of the Cauldron, Stack Rocks, the Green Bridge and several bays in Range West.

Thank you. Steve Quinton (BMC access rep)

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