La Sportiva Legends Only 2017

Everyone who was there would probably agree this year's edition of the La Sportiva Legends Only was the best one ever. Great climbers, problems, music and mc's.

This was definitely a night to remember, but I won't say anything about who walked away with the €5000, you'll have to see for yourself in Video.

Fanny Gibert, problem 1, 76 kb
Fanny Gibert, problem 1
© Björn Pohl

Katja Kadic, problem 2, 62 kb
Katja Kadic, problem 2
© Björn Pohl

Melissa Le Nevé, problem 1, 59 kb
Melissa Le Nevé, problem 1
© Björn Pohl

Petra Klingler, problem 4, 71 kb
Petra Klingler, problem 4
© Björn Pohl

Stasa Gejo, problem 3, 79 kb
Stasa Gejo, problem 3
© Björn Pohl

Shauna Coxsey, problem 5, 86 kb
Shauna Coxsey, problem 5
© Björn Pohl

The La Sportiva Legends Only is sponsored by: Aloma, Climbskin, Flathold, Kingdom Climbing, Klättercentret, La Sportiva, Petzl, Squadra, Wings Chalk, blocz and bluepill

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Aside from Shauna's win Fanny Gibert took the lead on the first problem making the only top. Impressive not least because it was powerful looking, steep problem on big flat holds that I wouldn't have thought suited her....
I watched the whole event last night it was well worth it for the variety in the style of problems, they seemed to split the field more widely than a typical IFSC world cup final, which made it hard to work out who was...
Agreed, I personally would prefer a write-up of the event and an announcement of the winners as I usually don't have time to watch the videos. Perhaps someone who has watched it would be kind enough to give a synopsis...
I think it's fine to announce the winners in a post comp report of the event. It's up to people not read to it if they intend watching the video. Just don't announce it in the headlines where they're that much harder to...

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