VIDEO: Circus Elephant Syndrome by Andy Gullsten

Anthony Gullsten has made the first repeat of Nalle Hukkataival's Circus Elephant Syndrome, ~8B+, at Toistonousu Finland probably the second hardest problem in the country, after Burden of Dreams.

Circus Elephant Syndrome was put up in October 2011 by Nalle who said:

It's a great problem on bulletproof granite and climbs extremely well. Every move requires lots of body tension and shoulder strength. It climbs very differently than granite usually does and it is more like a sandstone problem style-wise. I decided to name it Circus Elephant Syndrome and for the grade I'm proposing hard 8B+.

Andy, who actually climbed it quite a while ago in late September, says was truly surprised by how quick it all went down and seems to agree about the grade.

Here's a video. It's in Finnish and the Circus Elephant Syndrome part begins at 1:15.

Anthony Gullsten is sponsored by: Kiipeily Areena and La Sportiva

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