7 Summits World Speed Record Broken

Steve Plain and Jon Gupta have broken the '7 Summits' speed record by completing their final peak, Mount Everest, after 117 days - a full 9 days ahead of the previous world record.

Everest and Lhotse – a rare view from high on Nuptse.
© Jon Gupta

The '7 Summits' is challenge to summit the tallest peak on each continent. The previous world speed record for summiting all seven stood at 126 days by Polish mountaineer Janusz Kochanski in 2017.

The clock started once the pair reached the summit of the first and stopped at the top of the final mountain.

The Seven Summits, 157 kb
The Seven Summits
© Montane

Steve and Jon completed each mountain on the following dates:

- Vinson (Antarctica, 4892m) 16.01.18

- Aconcagua (S. America, 6962m) 28.01.18

- Kilimanjaro (Africa, 5895m) 14.02.18

- Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia, 4884m) 24.02.18

- Elbrus (Europe, 5642m) 13.03.18

- Denali (N. America, 6190m) 03.04.18

- Everest (Asia, 8488m) 14.05.18

The pair were part of 'Project 7in4', supported by Montane. More details and reports of each summit expedition can be found on the Montane website.

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