FRI NIGHT VID: Jim Pope - Through and Through

Our Friday Night Video this week is a look at a bright young talent in British sport, trad and competition climbing: Jim Pope. Jim's climbing starts in the Lake District and catches up to his present day visit to Norway to sample some of the hardest lines Norway has to offer. With mentors Gaz Parry and Gavin Symonds in toe, the film explores his connections with the landscapes around him and the people who enabled him to be one of the UK's best climbers.

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Jim Pope

Jim Pope is a top British sport, trad and competition climber. He has climbed up to F8c+, had some scary moments on a couple of E9s and has been competing for several years.

His hardest ascents...

Jim's Athlete Page 14 posts 3 videos

24 May

Lovely video of someone who's clearly an amazing climber. Don't know Gaz P but can vouch for how insightful, motivated and supportive Gav is.


24 May

Met Jim out at Froggatt in the Spring, he provided beta on Renegade Master for a friend by very casually retro-flashing it above a few pads. Really nice lad, made this old punter feel like the future of climbing is in good hands with people like him at the top of the sport.

24 May

The music and slow mo's were intolerable!

24 May

Really enjoyed that. Great to see such a talent and learn a bit about his childhood introduction to climbing. Thumbs up.

24 May

Well done, you are the 10,000nth poster on UKC to complain that music in a climbing video did not meet your personal specifications. You have won a prize, which is a day's climbing at Aldery Cliff, listening to Rage Against The Machine through headphones. Have a great time.