Christmas Quiz 2019 - The Answers

© Natalie Berry

Thank you to all 1133 of you who took part in our 2019 Christmas Quiz - our highest number of entries ever! Congratulations to Lemony who placed 1st with a score of 80%. Raffle winners will be selected at random from the list of entrants and contacted this week. You can still take part in the quiz if you missed it...just stop scrolling now!

(Apologies for anyone who had issues with the drag and drop bird questions, we wanted to mix up the way you answer questions a bit, but clearly it doesnt work on every device!)

UKC Christmas Quiz  © Natalie Berry
UKC Christmas Quiz
© Natalie Berry

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1. Which climber repeated Magic Line (5.14c) in Yosemite this year to become only the second person to redpoint it? (choose one)

Emma Twyford

Dave MacLeod

Beth Rodden

Hazel Findlay

2. Which climber redpointed Neanderthal 9b earlier this year (choose one)

Jakob Schubert

Domen Skofic

Seb Bouin

Adam Ondra

3. Greg Boswell made the third ascent of which route in February? (choose one)

Banana Wall

The Hurting


Pink Panther

4. Who became the 8th person to free The Nose this autumn (choose one)

Nico Favresse

Sébastien Berthe

Jacopo Larcher

Jorg Verhoeven

5. Emma Twyford made the first British female ascent of a 9a this year, with The Big Bang. How many repeats (excluding the first ascent) has the route had? (choose one)





6. Janja Garnbret (SLO) had an incredible boulder season on the IFSC World Cup Circuit. How many events did she win? (Boulder only) (choose one)





7. Which of the following was a First Ascent by James McHaffie this year? (choose one)

Global Catastrophe

The Inconvenient Truth

Climate Crisis

The Invisible Girl

8. Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell established a new free line on El Capitan this year. Which existing route did it start up? (choose one)

Salathe Wall

Dawn Wall

New Dawn

Passage of Freedom

9. Which of these is an E10 7a climbed by Dave MacLeod this year? (choose one)

Mind Riot

Hard Drive

The Apocalypse


10. Which British climber ticked their 2nd Font 8B with an ascent of Fat Lip at Raven Tor? (choose one)

Mina Leslie Wujastyk

Steve McClure

Shauna Coxsey

Frances Bensley

11. The world's second Font 9A was proposed by Charles Albert earlier in the year. Which area was the boulder problem? (choose one)





12. 13-year-old Japanese climber Mishka Ishi made the 3rd female ascent of a Font 8C in May. Who was the first to tick this grade? (choose one)

Shauna Coxsey

Janja Garnbret

Kadi Lehmann

Ashima Shirashi


13. Which climbing YouTuber has over 500,000 subscribers? (choose one)

Adam Ondra

Magnus Midtbø

Eric Karlsson

Dave MacLeod

14. Which climber has won the most women's lead word cups? (choose one)

Akiyo Noguchi

Janja Garnbret

Jain Kim

Mina Markovič

15. The women's Speed climbing world record was broken this year by Aries Susanti Rahayu. What is the time to beat now? (choose one)





16. How many World Cups has Janja Garnbret won in total? (choose one)





17. With which drink did Emma Twyford celebrate her 9a success? (choose one)



Red Bull


18. What is the name for the fashion trend involving outdoor wear/gear being embraced by designers and worn on the street? (choose one)





19. In the past decade, who was the first climber to solo Freerider on El Capitan (choose one)

Alex Honnold

Pete Whittaker

Andy Kirkpatrick

Jorg Verhoeven

20. Which discipline of climbing was identified as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO? (choose one)

Everest climbing


Speed Climbing


21. What was the name of Tom Livingstone and Ally Swinton's first ascent on Koyo Zom (choose one)

The Great Gogarth Extravaganza

Head Games

The Waiting Game

The Great Game

22.Which climbing legend, sadly deceased, owned this guidebook?

Andy Pollitt.


23. Ring Ouzel - Stanage Popular

24. Fulmar - Old Man of Hoy

25. Raven - Raven Crag - Threshthwaite Cove

26. Peregrine - Raven Crag - Thirlmere

27. Golden Eagle - Sron Ulladale (Harris)

28. Eagle Owl - Wainstones


29. clip my so - Olympics

30. eton limes - limestone

31. fool net - Lofoten

32. Elton gin vomits - Tom Livingstone

33. hat grog - Gogarth

34. running sofa woes - Wings of Unreason

Guidebook Topos

35. Flaky Wall

36. Eliminate 'A'

37. Splitstream

38. Anvil Chorus

39. Martello Buttress


40. How many athletes are now confirmed as having quota places for Tokyo 2020 (ignoring Russia's unsettled WADA situation)? (choose one)





41. Adam Ondra lost out on taking an Olympic quota spot in Hachioji. What was the drama that ultimately cost him a ticket? (choose one)

Missing a clip


Stepping out of bounds

Stepping on a bolt

42. Which countries have just one quota place remaining for the Olympics? (choose one)

Slovenia and the USA

France and the USA

Japan and Slovenia

Slovenia and France

43. Which sibling pair has qualified for Tokyo 2020? (choose one)

Magnus and Hannah Midtboe

Jakob and Hannah Schubert

Jernej and Julia Kruder

Michaël and Bassa Mawem

44. What went wrong at the Toulouse selection event? (choose one)

A volume was pulled off the wall

A bolt was stepped on

A hold spun

A rope snapped

45. Which UKC staff member is going to Japan next year to report on the Olympics? (choose one)

Martin Mckenna

Paul Phillips

Rob Greenwood

Natalie Berry

Body Parts

Who's crack climbing hands are these? (choose one)

Pete Whittaker

Danny Parker

Alex Honnold

Tom Randall

47. Which climber does this neck belong to? (choose one)

Alex Honnold

Adam Ondra

Domen Skofic

Jan Hojer

48. To whom do these strong shoulders belong? (choose one)

Lucka Rakovec

Fanny Gibert

Danny Parker

Miho Nonaka

49. Whose forearms are curshing the route? (choose one)

Lynn Hill

Gwen Moffat

Robyn Erbesfield

Catherine Destivelle

50. Who is the owner of this powerful back? (choose one)

Nalle Hukkataival

Tommy Caldwell

Jakob Schubert

Matt Groom

51. Which climber's hands are these? (choose one)

Nigel Vardy

Voytek Kurtyka

Tommy Caldwell

Greg Boswell

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6 Jan, 2020

In my best Letters to the Editor voice...

Some well sneaky questions in there! 5 and 19 particularly so.

7 Jan, 2020

Can anyone show me where I'm going wrong with Q5? The big bang has had three ascents according to the original article. Carson, McHaffie and Twyford. So repeats is then two, but it looks like the answer is three?

7 Jan, 2020

You're right, thought I'd changed it before posting but it's 2. The right answer was set to 2 in the quiz anyway.

I thought you were being cheeky since Caff climbed it twice.

7 Jan, 2020

Thanks for the reply. Thought I was losing the plot! 😁

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