VIDEO: Climb Your Dreams

In this short film, Climb Your Dreams, New York City-based Raheim Robinson daydreams of escaping the city in search of a natural landscape, drawn out of the daily grind and into the outdoors by his passion for climbing.

In an interview with US website Field Mag, director Joshua Greenwood discussed the film's parallel theme of diversity in the outdoors:

'When we were editing the film, we wanted to tie the story together with some other themes and came across this poem [The Negro Speaks of Rivers] by Langston Hughes that just felt right. I come from a family of black and brown folks who have explored and enjoyed the outdoors for a long time. The archival narration of this poem had a dream-like quality to it that reminds me of stories my grandparents have told me of the wilderness.'

Climb Your Dreams from Pixelsmyth on Vimeo.

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21 Jan

Nice short video. Love the sound / monologue.

'Climb your dreams'...climbing is the most frequent thing I dream about, actual sleeping dreams. The things I've climbed in my dreams, you people wouldn't believe.

21 Jan

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of the Orion face?

22 Jan

Loved it.

23 Jan

Who else sat waiting for it to start after the titles?................................


24 Jan

The guy was brown. Anything else we should note? The BMC and the UK climbing media have utterly failed to engage British brown people to get them climbing rocks .Ditto the British working class has not been engaged with.

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