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This week's Friday Night Video features leading adventure photographer and regular UKC contributor, Hamish Frost. The film explores the side of himself that he has kept hidden from the outdoor community, in a story of confidence and connection, and a reminder of the importance of diversity in the outdoors.

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21 Jul

Just saw this on Hamish's Facebook feed with some lovely and thoughtful words about deciding to take part in the project on the 'wrong' side of the camera.

A lovely little film, some super Scottish winter footage and a really interesting and ultimately positive message.

Such a beautiful film, nice one to all involved.

21 Jul

I'm not trying to derail the topic of the feature but can we stop for a minute and appreciate what a flipping good winter climber he is! The rest of the video was very good too but yes I got distracted by that bit of Scottish winter goodness.

21 Jul

Top film, top climber and top bloke in general ,

Can't help wonder if things would have turned out differently for others if the openness and acceptance we have in our community had been as visible a few years ago, thinking dave pegg as an example?

My perception is that the outdoor community with its love of quiet and beautiful places might seem an 'easier', more welcoming environment than a rugby team which seems almost the definition of macho. But it's heartening that it appears he didn't/hasn't received much negativity in either environment.

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